Business Bill Pay

Added to your internet banking to allow for an easier way to help stay organized.  Here are some of the advantages for you:
- Delegate the payments tasks you want such as paying utilities and suppliers, running reports or accessing payment history.
- Set permission controls so you're always in charge of who can make payments, which payments they can make, and the maximum payment amount.
- Set up final approvals so you can give the go-ahead before any payments are made.
- Run Audit reports and customize them for the precise payment information you need.
- Track your company spending and payment history in just a few clicks.
- View the payment activity of authorized users and keep track of the payments they have made.
- Greatly reduce your paperwork and minimize manual record keeping.
- Make payments more quickly and easily and gain greater control  over cashflow.
- Get anytime, anywhere access online for more convenience paying your bills.
- Pay multiple invoices for a single payee all at one time and account for them in a single locations.
- Easily set up recurring payments for monthly bills.


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Remote Deposit Capture

This service can integrate multiple merchant locations, and leverage different capture devices to remove paper from the banking process, raising the funds availability standard with accelerated check clearing and maximized cash flow.

How can you benefit from Remote Deposit Capture?
     - Accelerated funds availability, along with the elimination of mail and courier delays.  No more timely trips to the bank depository.
     - Reductions in preparing deposits, paper handling, and transaction costs.
     - Reduced risk to you.  The faster an item clears an account, the less likely it is to be returned for non-sufficient funds.
     - Centralized processing and flexibility to potentially consolidate accounts.
     - Checks remain covered by merchant friendly Reg. CC
     - Ability to research checks immediately after capturing, from the comfort of your desk.
     - You can view and research transactions and downloads for importing into a check book software, as well as burn disc's for
       backup purposes.

Positive Pay

Are you concerned about fraudulent checks affecting your company's growth?  Vision Bank's Positive Pay will offer automated Fraud Detection to ensure that your company is safeguarded against unauthorized use of checks.

     How does it work?
          Positive Pay requires the company to send or transmit a file of issued checks to the bank each day that checks are written.
          When those checks are presented for payment at the bank, they are electronically compared against the list of transmitted
          checks.  When a check that is presented does not have a "match" in the file, it becomes an "exception item" to the bank.
          The bank will notify the company for proper assessment of the check in question.

Corporate Cash Management

Our Corporate Cash Management program enables the customer to quickly pay employees or vendors using Direct Deposit.  Using this process, you will eliminate time spent on cutting, printing, mailing and handling checks for your company's employees.

Corporate Cash Management also gives you same day credit without coming to the bank to deposit or cash a check!  You can set this up for payroll deposits, or for automatic debits for payments.

Additional Services

 - ACH Origination
 - Wire Transfers
 - Night Depository
 - Coin Services
 - International Banking Services