Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosures



Vision Bank, NA---Internet Banking
Agreement and Disclosures

The following agreement and disclosures, hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”, explains the terms and conditions set forth by Vision Bank, NA concerning online transacting services, hereinafter referred to as “Internet Banking”. The terms “we,” “us”, “the bank” and “our” refer to "Vision Bank, NA". The words “you” and “your” refer to the person(s) named as applicants on the enrollment form. These terms are in addition to the terms and conditions included in the Account Agreement and Disclosures you received upon opening your account and any other documentation you have been provided governing the banking products and services you may have with us, hereinafter referred to as “Banking Documents.” The term business day means Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays.

Your initial login to Internet Banking certifies your acceptance and agreement to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of the Agreement and all Banking Documents. You further agree that future changes in agreements and disclosures can be provided to you electronically.

1. Services
This Agreement covers the Internet Banking services available to you. Internet Banking currently provides you with the ability to review and download account information, transfer money between accounts held at Vision Bank, NA, add stop payments to your accounts and communicate with us electronically. The Bank reserves the right to suspend Internet Banking at its discretion. Account information is as of the prior evening postings and any electronic postings on the current day. i.e. Electronic deposits and withdrawals and deposits made through a teller are electronic posting that are reflected on the current day’s balance. Checks and ATM transactions are not posted until cut-off time of the current day and are not reflected in Internet Banking balances until the end of the next business day.

ou are responsible for the equipment you use to access Internet Banking. It is your responsibility to protect your computer from computer viruses. We encourage you to routinely scan your PC and diskettes using a reliable virus product to detect and remove any viruses.

2. Transfers
Transfers between accounts must be made by 7:00 p.m. central time on business days to be posted that same day. All transfers thereafter will be reflected in your memo balance but will not be available to you until the end of the following business day.

3. Email Services
Bank e-mail is available to all customers. Such email is intended for general communication purposes; therefore, we recommend you contact the bank at (580) 332-5132 or (888) 332-5132 for time sensitive information such as lost or stolen ATM, debit or credit cards or any other matter which you feel requires immediate attention.

4. Terminations and Modification
We reserve the right to modify or terminate this agreement at any time. We will comply with all notice requirements under applicable law for such changes or termination. In the event of termination, Internet Banking services will cease, including but not limited to scheduled transfers. If we modify this Agreement, your continued use of Internet Banking will constitute your acceptance of such changes in each instance.

5. Transaction Authorization
Vision Bank, NA is entitled to act on instructions received though Internet Banking under your password and without inquiring as to the identity of the person using that password. DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR PASSWORD under any circumstances, either by telephone or to anyone claiming to represent the Bank. The Bank’s employees do not need to know and should not ask for your password. You are liable for all transactions made or authorized using your password. If you give your password to anyone, you do so at your own risk. Anyone to whom you give your Internet Banking password will have full access to your accounts even if you attempt to limit that person’s authority. You must notify the Bank to disable your password if you become aware that your password has been lost, stolen or otherwise compromised and that it should not be honored.

You are liable for all transactions that you make or authorize, even if a person you authorize exceeds your authority. You hereby release the Bank from any liability and agree not to make any claim or bring any action against us for honoring or allowing any actions or transactions where you have authorized the person performing the action or transaction to use your account(s) andor you have given your password to such person, or, in the case of a jointly held account such person is one of the owners of the account. You agree to indemnify the Bank and hold it harmless from and against any and all liability (including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees) arising from any such claims or actions.

6. Enrollment
If two individuals hold a joint checking account, there are two ways to enroll for Internet Banking. First, both account holders may enroll separately and each will have hisher own password and Agreement, thus allowing them full access to that account(s). Second, one holder of a joint account can enroll for Internet Banking with one password and then can communicate that I.D. and password to other authorized user(s) which have access to the enrolled account. Please note, only signers on an existing account will be given access to that account. Signers have full authority to receive and thereby use Internet Banking. It is the responsibility of the account holder to update signer information.

7. Errors and Questions
In case of errors or questions concerning transactions completed via Internet Banking, please contact the bank at (580) 332-5132 or (888) 332-5132 and ask to speak with the Net Banker professional or write to P.O. Box 669, Ada OK 74821. The bank must hear from you within 60 days after you receive the first statement or notification in which the error or problem appeared. Please include the following information:

• Name
• Account Number
• Description of the error or what you are unsure about, plus an explanation of why you believe it is an error or why you need information
• The amount of the error
We will tell you the results of our investigation within ten (10) business days after we hear from you. If the bank need more time the bank may take up to 45 business days to investigate. If the bank chooses to take up to 45 business days, the bank will give you a provisional credit to your account within ten (10) business days. If the bank decides there was no error, the bank will furnish you with a written explanation within three (3) business days after the investigation is complete.

8. Security
If your Internet Banking ID or PIN is incorrectly entered more than three times, access to account is automatically locked. This security measure is in place to prevent unauthorized access to your account via your Internet Banking ID. You must contact the bank to reactive your Internet Banking account before access is granted.

9. Dormant Internet ID’s/Termination
If during a consecutive 180 day period you do not access the NetTeller service, your Internet Banking Account will automatically become Dormant. You must contact the bank to reactive your Internet Banking account before access is granted.

Vision Bank, NA reserves the right to terminate the user’s privilege to access their account/accounts via NetTeller.