Switch Kit
Moving Your Account to Vision Bank Check List


1 Open your new account(s)

Simply let one of our New Account Representatives help you open your new account(s) at any of our locations in Ada, Durant, Shawnee, Prague, or Meeker.
Please bring:
     - Two (2) forms of identification (State issued ID, Social Security Card, etc.)
     - $100 opening deposit or Direct Deposit (payroll or social security check)

2 Stop using your old accounts(s)

It can take up to 10 days for a check or transaction to clear, so remember to leave adequate funds in these accounts to protect you from overdraft fees.

3 Change your Direct Deposits

Fill out the Direct Deposit Form and give to your employer.  You will need to include a new deposit slip or voided check. Vision Bank can help to move your Social Security deposit by faxing your form to the Social Security Office for you.

4 Change automatic payments

Fill out the Automatic Withdrawal Form provided to change all automatic withdrawals or automated payment services.  Remember to include services that use your former debit card number.  Examples:  cable, loans, cell phone, insurance, water, electricity, etc.

5 Close your old account(s)

Send in the Close Accounts Form to your former bank, who will then send a check to you for the remaining balance once all of your checks/transactions have cleared.