Customer Awareness
Blocked Countries

For your protection, due to the amount of fraud coming from certain countries or states, Vision Bank has placed a block on the following countries so you will not be able to make any transactions or purchases using a Vision Bank ATM card or a Vision Bank Visa Check Card/Debit Card. If you do plan to travel to any of these countries, talk to your banker about another option of payment. Consider a Vision Bank Credit Card or a Vision Bank Gift Card.

Blocked Countries as of 5/21/2015:

South Africa
Great Britain

Check this list prior to traveling as countries can be added or removed. 

Call us at 1-888-332-5132 or 1-580-332-5132 if you suspect any suspicious activity on any of your bank accounts.

Any communication from Vision Bank, which includes mail & email, will always be "Information Only" & will not ask a customer to input any banking information.  BEWARE of any email asking you to input any banking or personal information (known as "phishing") as these emails were NOT sent by Vision Bank.

Please email us at with your comments or concerns.

When clicking on 3rd party links you will be leaving, Vision Bank has no control over the content or security of linked sites.

Beware of calls claiming they are from the IRS - it could be a scam

We have received reports of calls claiming to be from the IRS making demands for money and threatening legal action if the demands are not met.   The IRS doesn’t make calls like this.  The caller sounds very intimidating causing some people to comply out of fear.  JUST A WORD OF CAUTION - THIS IS A SCAM!

Social Security / Medicare

Beware:  New Phone Scam from a caller stating he/she is from Social Security or Medicare.                                                              
Remember: Do NOT give your bank account information or Social Security number over the phone.

Don't Let Yourself Be A Victim

The FDIC provides a guidance tool that will assist in learning how to protect your personal computers and yourselves from identity thieves.  Click here to watch the presentation brought to you by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

WARNING!  Customers have been reporting they are receiving phone calls, some claiming to be from "Microsoft" or "Windows", telling them that their computers are infected.  This is a scam!  Microsoft will never cold call people who use Windows.  Do not fall for this latest scam.   Never allow strangers to take over your computer. 

If you have not called any tech support center for assistance, then NEVER allow anyone who calls you unsolicited to take over your computer!

Be sure to double check your account activity frequently.   



The FDIC's Consumer Alerts
When a Criminal's Cover becomes Your Identity - Protecting Your Name

Smart Tips from Better Business Bureau

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How do thieves steal an identity?

Thieves use various ways to acquire your information including: 
Dumpster Diving, Skimming, Phishing, Changing your Address, Pretexting, On-Lookers, Pharming, or Unsecure Networks Here's how



For a listing all all Scam Alerts, visit the Better Business Bureau's (En Español) or the FBI's E-Scams & Warnings website

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Additional Scams

Any communication from Vision Bank, which includes mail & email, will always be "Information Only" & will not ask a customer to input any banking information.  BEWARE of any email asking you to input any banking or personal information (known as "phishing") as these emails were NOT sent by Vision Bank.

Prevention Tips

- How to Safely Use an ATM
- Periodically change your bank login password.  Try using different variations each time you change password and do NOT reuse
  old passwords as they coudl be stored by fraudulent individuals.
- Please contact the bank immediately if you are concerned about any transactions on your accounts.
- Be cautious when using your account or card information on the internet for purchases.
- We strongly recommend that you do not use public or shared computers to logon to your personal online banking accounts.  It is
  very important to remember to sign out of your account and close your browser window when you have finished online banking.
- Remember that Vision Bank will never call or email you to ask for personal information about your banking accounts.  Needed
  information should have been gathered at account opening.
More Prevention Tips

What does Vision Bank do to assist in Preventing Fraudulent Activity happening to you?

Vision Bank cares about our customers and their lives.  We also understand that for us to be a success, we rely on our ability to provide banking products in a secure manner as well as assisting in education to the customer regarding tips on securing login and password information and to offer awareness of potentially fraudulent activity.  Here are the measures Vision Bank strives to bring to our customers:
     - Vision Bank does not display your account numbers over the internet.  Instead we ask that you choose a "pseudo" name for
       each of your online accounts.  You may choose the Pseudo name under the "Options" section of our Internet Banking service
     - In order to access you accounts online, you must enter a unique username and password.  We strongly recommend choosing
       a password of good strength and complexity while remaining memorable
     - We use the latest encryption technology to ensure that your private information cannot be obtained.  Encryption is a tool to
       rewrite information in code, which can be decoded at the proper destination with the proper "key" or password information
     - Vision Bank believes in 3 Strikes and You're Out!  If an unauthorized person attempts to login to a customer's Internet Banking
       Account by guessing, the bank will automatically lock out the account after 3 tries.
     - To further protect you, we use several different variances such as requiring at least a 6 character length password including
       Letter, Numbers, and Special Characters.  Vision Bank also restricts the past 4 previously used passwords on Internet
       Banking.  We also incorporate the use of a timeout feature that initiates after 10 minutes of no activity; the system will
       automatically log you out of your Online Banking session.

These are just a few of the many security processes that Vision Bank incorporates to keep your information safe.  Even though these are not 100% fool-proof, they will significantly increase the security of personal information, along with the use of good Antivirus and Malware software.
While Vision Bank does not offer support for PC Antivirus and Malware software programs, we do recommend that you use these types of software programs on your computer.  Vision Bank is not responsible for damages related to third party software incidents.

Useful Resources Regarding Identity Theft Prevention and Detection

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - The FTC offers help to victims. To file your case with the FTC Consumer Response Center call 1(877)IDTHEFT
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) - 3100 5th Ave., Suite B, San Diego, CA 92103 1(619) 298-3396
Identity Theft Resource Center - Lists local victim support centers
FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center
US Dept of Justice - Identity theft information
Identity Theft Survival Kit - 1(800)725-0807
Social Security Administration - Report Fraud: 1(800)269-0271

To Prevent Fraudulent Use of Your Checks:
 - CheckRite: 1(800)766-2748
 - Chexsystems: 1(800)428-9623
 - CrossCheck: 1(800)843-0760
 - Equifax: 1(800)437-5120
 - International Check Services: 1(800)526-5380
 - SCAN: 1(800)262-7771
 - TeleCheck: 1(800)710-9898

To remove your name from mail and phone listings
 - Direct Marketing Association
 - Mail Preference Service: PO Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735
 - Tele Preference Service: PO Box 9014, Farmingdale, NY 11735

*When clicking on 3rd party links you will be leaving, Vision Bank has no control over the content or security of linked sites.