Welcome to Vision Bank.  We are a community bank which opened its doors in Ada, OK in 1901.  Vision Bank has grown from a very small beginning to a bank that has over $600 million in assets with eight banks in seven different communities.

What sets us apart from others is our total focus on the customer experience.  Vision Bank's tradition of providing exceptional customer service is the foundation of our bank.  As a community member, we also believe in the importance of "giving back" as we continue to serve in civic leadership and philanthropic capacities.  We understand you can bank anywhere you choose, but when you are a customer of Vision Bank we promise you will See the Difference!

Our promise is to deliver extraordinary service in a friendly and warm atmosphere by bankers who enjoy what they do as well as truly caring about their customers.  We offer cutting edge technology including; ATM's, internet & phone banking, online bill pay, e-statements, extended hours, and now mobile banking to compliment your needs.  Vision Bank is also well known for its hallmark "VIVA Free Checking" account that is totally free and pays a very high rate of interest.

If you are presently not one of our customers, we would love to have the opportunity to serve you.  If you are a customer, we want to thank you for your business and would appreciate your feedback in order to help us continue to better serve your needs.    

Thank you again for visiting our website.  We are here for one purpose, to serve you.

                                                                                                                                         James R. Hamby, Chief Executive Officer


In 1900, A.B. Dunlap of Shawnee, Oklahoma bought the Southeast corner of Main and Broadway in Ada, Oklahoma, for the First National Bank (101 East Main). Before completion of the First National Bank building in 1901, the bank was opened in Albert Nettles’ hardware store (129 West Main), with U.G. Phippin from Whitewright, Texas, in charge. The bank was acquired by P.A. Norris several years later with Stonewall Jackson (named after the Civil War hero) becoming the President of the bank which he later sold.

On October 30, 1924, because of pending insolvency due to the “Cotton Bust of 1924,” there was a run on the bank. During the run, P.A. Norris stood on a chair in the lobby and made the announcement that he was repurchasing. Based on Mr. Norris’ respected reputation, his announcement stopped the run on the bank. The people of Ada went home with a new found confidence based on Mr. Norris’ ability to recapitalize and run First National. This event renewed the Norris ownership, which continued until 1981, when controlling interests were sold to C.A. Vose, Jr. In 1990, C.A. Vose, Jr., sold controlling interest in First National Bank to a group of local investors. At this time, the employees were the largest stockholders through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan and Trust. The ESOP has since terminated. To this date, the bank remains locally owned with 630 million in assets, 22 ATMs and eight banks in seven communities.


P.A. Norris                          1924-1942
Frank C. Norris                   January 1943-April 1947               
P.A. (Phillip) Norris, Jr.        April 1947-January 1948                 
John C. Norris                     January 1948-January 1955                        
P.A. (Phillip) Norris, Jr.        January 1955-January 1964           
Benton Browning                January 1964-February 1981         
C.B. Howard                       February 1981-January 1982         
E. Wilson Roberts               January 1982-February 1987         
Loren P. Miller                     February 1987-September 1989      
E. Wilson Roberts               January 1990-June 1990                
C.B. Howard                       June 1990-August 1990                 
James R. Hamby                August 1990-Present                     

Important Dates

August 10, 1927: The First National Bank in Ada becomes a member of the Federal Reserve Board.
October 1, 1959: The bank becomes the First National Bank and Trust Company of Ada.
September 7, 1961: The motor bank was built at 200 East 12th Street in Ada.
1984: The bank opened a brokerage service, under a subsidiary named First Ada Financial Services.
1997: The Arlington Center branch was opened in Ada.
January 1, 2000: The holding company acquired Prague National Bank and its branch in Meeker,
and welcomed its employees into the First National Bank of Ada family.
April 3, 2005: The bank’s name was changed to Vision Bank.
April 17, 2006: The Durant bank was opened.
January 2007:  The bank acquired its Operations Center on 14th Street in Ada.
March 2007:  The Sherman Loan Production Office was opened.
June 1, 2007:  The Shawnee Loan Production Office was opened.
June 16, 2008:  The new Prague building opened.
November 2008:  The newly rebuilt motor bank on 12th Street was opened.
September 21, 2009:  The Shawnee bank was opened.
May 19, 2010:  The Sherman Loan Production office was closed.
November 7, 2011:  The Arlington Center location moved to it's new building at 1901 Arlington Street in Ada.

December 1, 2012:  The bank purchased the Community Bank of the Arbuckles Banks in Sulphur and Davis.