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Throughout our history as a community bank- a bank continually expanding to secure its future while at the same time remaining a vital force as a locally owned bank focused on its community- Vision Bank has had the foresight to focus on our customers' needs. We understand that home ownership is both a need and a desire for many people in the communities we serve from the Oklahoma college towns of Ada, Durant, and Shawnee, to the farming communities of Meeker, Prague, Davis, and Sulphur. To this end, Vision Bank provides many useful tools as well as loan officers at each of our 8 banks to make your home purchase dream a reality.

Available Home Loan Products

Vision Bank, as a home mortgage lender in a community with a considerable agricultural focus, offers a wide variety of home loans that include loans specifically tailored to the community. On top of conventional loans, you may be eligible for:

USDA Rural Development: These loans are available to those who wish to purchase land or houses that are a specific distance away from any urban area of a certain size or population density. These loans (as with FHA loans, described below) can often be obtained with little money down.

FHA/VA loans: Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans allow buyers who do not have enough funding for a full 20% down payment to purchase a home with as little as 3% down if their credit score is good enough (usually over 640). VA loans may allow Veterans to purchase a home with no money down, pending approval.

Home Renovation Loans: Your house is more valuable after it is renovated. With Vision Bank, you’re able to take advantage of what your home will be like after the renovation to borrow that amount of money- and construct the house you always envisioned.

Home Equity Second Mortgage:
Often another way to borrow funds for home renovation or other expenses, you can borrow up to 90% of the value of your home through a home equity second mortgage.

Bridge loan/construction loans: These are examples of loans that are given temporarily to allow you to build a house while you are selling your current house. Ask your loan officer for more information.

Section 184 Native American: Native Americans have exclusive access to these loans, which are granted for the purpose of developing land, building new homes, and renovating existing properties.

Agri-Access Program: This allows those who have a farm that is not the primary source of income for the family to obtain loans based on the value of their house to expand their hobby farms (ie, buying more land or renovating properties).

Why us?

Vision Bank is a trusted local mortgage lender with a long-term history
in your community. Partner with us today to help you determine which type of mortgage home loan is right for you, and whether the time is right for you to purchase a home of your own.

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