VIVA Free Checking

- Use your VISA check card for a total of $250 per month on purchases of goods or services
- Receive your bank statement by email E-Statements

- $15 Foreign (non Vision Bank) ATM transaction fees will be refunded
- Free VIVA checks
- Unlimited check writing
- No monthly service charge

1.00% *Annual Percentage Yield on average daily collected balance up to $25,000.  0.10% APY on balances over $25,000.00

0.05% APY will be paid on the entire balance if the requirements are not met. 

$100 opening deposit.  APY is subject to change at the bank's discretion.  Some restrictions apply.

Rate is accurate as of 12-1-2012

How To Check Spending Total

Where to find your total spending for the month:

1. Click on your VIVA account in Internet Banking

2. Click on Account Information

3.Locate the POS (Point of Sale) amount.  This is the current amount you have spent with your VIVA debit card.

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