ID Needed to Open a New Account

To open an account with Vision Bank, you must show documents that establish who you are as well as where you live.  You will need to provide 2 forms of ID (one from each list or two from list A).  Acceptable documents include:
List A:                                                               List B:
     - Current Drivers License                                     - Insurance Verification
     - Military ID                                                           - SS Card
     - Passport                                                             - Employee ID
     - State ID Card                                                     - Voter ID Card
     - Tribal ID with photo                                            - Major Credit Card
     - US Alien Registration Card                                - Student ID
     - Government Issued Photo Identification            - Medicare Card
     - Mexican Matricula                                              - Birth Certificate
                                                                                  - Student Visa
                                                                                  - Fire Arms License
                                                                                  - Tribal ID without photo
                                                                                  - State Issued Hunting License
                                                                                  - Club Membership Card

If there is a discrepancy between the information on your ID and the information you give us upon account opening, we will need an additional piece of documentation to verify the new information.  Acceptable documents include:
     - Automobile Registration
     - Utility Bill
     - College Enrollment Verification
     - Lease Agreement
     - Employer paystub
     - Cell Phone Bill
     - Credit Card Bill
     - Real Estate Tax Bill
     - Federal Tax Return -Current
     - Insurance Verification (Car, Home, or Life)

If you do not have these documents with you at the time you wish to open an account, please return with the proper documentation and we will then be happy to open an account for you!