Mineral Management

Vision Bank's Trust Department has been managing mineral properties in Oklahoma and Texas since the 1940's.  Experienced trust officers have decades of experience in reviewing lease offers, processing division orders, and complying with trust agreement provisions as to the inheritance of the producing or non-producing mineral tracts.  The Trust Department is a member of the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO).

If your estate involves minerals interests within the United States that you need managed by a professional for the benefit of your heirs, please contact me, Joyce Collings.  I have a Masters of Business Degree from Cameron University and have been with the Trust Department for more than 30 years.  Please call me at 580-332-5132 and schedule an appointment to discuss your mineral issues.  All conferences are free; however, I do not draft legal documents.  If you do not have an estate planning attorney I will assist you in contacting one.

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