Your business checking needs to be a custom fit to suit your operations.  That is why we offer different checking accounts to handle your business properly.  Vision Bank is committed to your business. We guarantee our services to be professional, aggressive, progressive, and convenient. We are not only your banking partner, but your business partner.

Please give us a call at (580) 332-5132 or (888) 332-5132 no matter what your commercial needs. You will be glad you did!

Free Small Business Checking

Designed for sole proprietorships and nonprofit organizations that have fewer than 50 withdrawals a month.
     - No monthly maintenance fee.
     - Free Business Check Card. (Business Check Card transactions do not count toward the transaction limit.) 
     - Free Online Banking 
     - 50 free transactions; $.25 per transaction over 50
     - Access your business checking and savings accounts with our 24-Hour Internet Banking. Check your balance, determine if a
       specific check has cleared, verify your deposits and transfer funds between your Vision Bank accounts.
     - Bounce Protection

Commercial Checking

Designed for businesses requiring numerous bank services and have medium to high transaction volumes and account balances.
     - Detailed monthly account analysis statement that includes average balance levels and service charges.
     - Competitive earnings credit rate applied to offset transaction charges and account fees.

Sweep Services

This  provides a great way for companies to relieve the daily burden of determining a cash position, making investment selections and transferring funds to an investment instrument. Funds in excess of those needed to support daily activity are automatically transferred to funds held in Government Agencies, CMO’s, Mortgage Backs, or Municipal Bonds. 


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Fees may occur according to the type of account you have or how you use the account.  Please view this Service Fee Schedule to understand what creates a fee and the amount charged.  If you have any questions please give us a call 1-888-332-5132                  or email
What to bring when you are opening an account...

If you are a New Customer to Vision Bank you will need:
         - Two (2) forms of identification- State issued ID, Social Security Card, etc.
         - $100 opening deposit or Direct Deposit (payroll or social security check).
         - Address Verification (if different from address on state issued ID)

If you are an Existing Customer of Vision Bank you will need:
         - One (1) form of identification.
         - An opening deposit of any amount.

Sole Proprietorship:
         - Two (2) forms of ID and IRS form that shows your Tax ID number.

         - Two (2) forms of ID, partnership agreement, and Tax ID number.

         - Two (2) forms of ID for each signer, articles of organization, certificate of LLC, IRS
           form that shows your Tax ID number, and operating agreement.

         - Two (2) forms of ID for each signer, certificate of incorporation, articles of
           incorporation, bylaws, minutes, and Tax ID number.

Non-Profit Organization:
         - Two (2) forms of ID for each signer, minutes from meeting, and NPO's Tax ID.

To get a TAX ID Number call 1-866-816-2065