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Summer Smarts: Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

With an estimated 136 million American going on at least one vacation this summer, safety and security precautions are a must.  Proactive measures can help consumers keep their home safe from fire, carbon monoxide, and the threat of burglary while they are away.  Better Business Bureau and home security pioneer, ADT are offering safety tips for homeowners during the summer season.  Click here to learn more.

Is Travel Insurance Right for You?

Before you finalize your vacation plans, be sure you have given careful thought to whether you need to purchase travel insurance.  There are circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling.  Travel insurance many provide the extra protection you need.  Better Business Bureau is advising travelers to weigh the pros and cons of trael insurance before going on an extensive trip.  Click here to learn more.

10 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft During Summer Travel

Are you traveling this summer?  While traveling can be a relaxing getaway, it can also be an identity theft nightmare.  According to Traveling Greener and Equifax, here are 10 tips you should consider to avoid identity theft during your summer travels:
1.   Don't announce your travel plans on social media.
2.   Place a hold on your mail.
3.   Carry only necessities in your wallet when traveling.
4.   Set up a travel alert on your credit card accounts.
5.   Leave your laptop computer at home if you can.
6.   While staying at a hotel, lock important documents.
7.   Use only ATMs located in banks
8.   Protect your smartphone.
9.   Don't put your full name and address on luggage tags.
10. Tear up and discard boarding passes.
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