Tiered Money Market

Tiered rate account that allows you to earn higher interest rates on larger balances.  Competitive interest rates are paid on a daily collected balance of $2,500 or more.


You can receive higher interest rates than many other savings products with flexible terms ranging from 90 days to 5 years by purchasing a Vision Bank Certificate of Deposit.  There is no fee to open a CD and  most accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000.


Start putting money back today by opening up a savings account.  Earn a competitive interest rate on balances of $200 or more.  Interest is calculated daily and compounded quarterly on the statement date.  Interest will be paid regardless of balance to accounts maintained by Non-Profit organizations.  You may have up to six withdrawals per month.

What to bring when opening an account...

If you are a New Customer to Vision Bank you will need:
         - Two (2) forms of identification- State issued ID, Social Security Card, etc.
         - $100 opening deposit or Direct Deposit (payroll or social security check).
         - Address Verification (if different from address on state issued ID)

If you are an Existing Customer of Vision Bank you will need:
         - One (1) form of identification.
         - An opening deposit of any amount.

Sole Proprietorship:
         - Two (2) forms of ID and IRS form that shows your Tax ID number.

         - Two (2) forms of ID, partnership agreement, and Tax ID number.

         - Two (2) ID for each signer, articles of organization, certificate of LLC, IRS
           form that shows your Tax ID number, and operating agreement.

         - Two (2) ID for each signer, certificate of incorporation, articles of
           incorporation, bylaws, minutes, and Tax ID number.

Non-Profit Organization:
         - Two (2) ID for each signer, minutes from meeting, and NPO's Tax ID.

To get a TAX ID Number call 1-866-816-2065


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