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Text Banking

Take advantage of the convenience of accessing your bank information via text on your cell phone.

To set up Text Banking, simply text ENROLL VISIONBANK to 39257.  Once you are set up, text any of the following Two-Way Text Banking Commands to 39257.  Commands are not case-sensitive. 

  • Balance (All Enrolled Accounts) - BAL
  • Balance (Multiple Accounts/Per Account) - BAL + LAST FOUR DIGITS OF ACCOUNT (BAL 3465 or BAL Pseudo Name)
  • History (Last 5 Transactions, All Enrolled Accounts) - HIST
  • History (Multiple Accounts/Per Account) - HIST + LAST FOUR DISGITS OF ACCOUNT (HIST 3465 or HIST Pseudo Name)
  • Transfer (Transfer between Active SMS Accounts) - XFER + From Account + To Acct + Amount
    • Ex. XFER ck1 ck2 1.00 or XFER (last four) (last four) 5.00
    • **Returns Confirmation #061311084530 (MonthDayYearHoursMinutesSeconds)

  • HELP (Returns List of Commands) - BAL, HIST, SUSPEND, XFER, etc.
  • SUSPEND or STOP (Immediately Suspends the TEXT Banking Service for the enrolled user) - SUSPEND

Online Bill Pay

Save money on stamps by paying your bills online. Log in to our Online Bill Pay and pay them quickly within one simple site.

Here are some advantages for you

  • Track your payment history in just a few clicks.
  • Greatly reduce your paperwork and minimize manual record keeping.
  • Make payments more quickly and easily and gain greater control over cash flow.
  • Get anytime, anywhere access online for more convenience paying your bills.
  • Easily set up recurring payments for monthly bills.


No need to wait on the mail to receive your account statements. Log into Internet Banking to view your eStatements online.

Safe Deposit Box

Safely store your personal items using our safe deposit box system. Available in various different sizes at every bank location.

Wire Transfers

    If you need your money transferred immediately, our wire services can have your funds moved the same day.

    Incoming Domestic Wire Instructions
    Incoming International Wire Instructions

    Cash Management

    Set up your account to automatically move money from one account to another to cover any expenditures that draw your account into the negative. You don't have to worry about running to the bank to make a deposit or transferring money online. This keeps you from paying an overdraft fee as long as your secondary account has sufficient funds. Cash Management does have a small usage fee, so call to learn the details. 

    Coin Machine

    Come empty your piggy bank and let us count your coins at any of our convenient locations.

    Bank2Bank Transfer

    To begin using this feature you must first call Vision Bank and talk to a Customer Service Representative or an Internet Banking Representative.  Once you have called you will continue with the enrollment process online.  This will walk you through each step to set up your account and the accounts you wish to transfer.  A small amount will be deposited via an electronic payment to the external account to verify the information.  You will enter the verification amount to finalize the account set up.  After your account is finalized, you will be able to add new external accounts, view transactions in process, and view transfer history.

    More Information

    • When adding a new transfer the date entered is the date it will be processed by Vision Bank. It could be up to 2 business days before it reaches the external account.
    • An in-bound transfer is $2 and an out-bound transfer is $2.50.

    International Banking Services

    Let us order or exchange foreign currency for your next international trip.

    Service Fee Schedule

    Service Fee Schedule

    If you have any questions, please call (888) 332-5132 or email



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